General Site Information
Site ID:US-Sta
Site Name:Saratoga
Tower Team: PI: Brent Ewers <> - University of Wyoming
PI: Elise Pendall <> - University of Wyoming
DataManager: David Reed <> - University of Wyoming
Elevation (m):2069
IGBP:OSH (Open Shrublands)
Climate Koeppen:Bsh (Steppe: very cold winter)
Mean Annual Temperature (degrees C):5.1
Data Products: AmeriFlux BASE Dataset
FLUXNET2015 Dataset
Data Availability: AmeriFlux BASE:   5 years (Duration: 2005 - 2009)
FLUXNET2015:   5 years (Duration: 2005 - 2009)
Data Downloads to Date: AmeriFlux BASE:   226 unique downloads
FLUXNET2015:   305 unique downloads
Data DOIs: AmeriFlux BASE DOI: 10.17190/AMF/1246831
Description:Sagebrush steppe ecosystem
Site image(s): No images.
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