General Site Information
Site ID:US-Skr
Site Name:Shark River Slough (Tower SRS-6) Everglades
Tower Team: PI: Jose Fuentes <> - Pennsylvania State University
Elevation (m):0
IGBP:EBF (Evergreen Broadleaf Forests)
Climate Koeppen:Cwa (Humid Subtropical: dry winter, hot summer)
Mean Annual Temperature (degrees C):23.77
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm):1259
Data Products: AmeriFlux BASE Dataset
Data Availability: AmeriFlux BASE:   8 years (Duration: 2004 - 2011)
Data Downloads to Date: AmeriFlux BASE:   239 unique downloads
Data DOIs: AmeriFlux BASE DOI: 10.17190/AMF/1246105
Description:The Florida Everglades Shark River Slough Mangrove Forest site is located along the Shark River in the western region of Everglades National Park. Also referred to as site SRS6 of the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER program, freshwater in the mangrove riverine floods the forest floor under a meter of water twice per day. Transgressive discharge of freshwater from the Shark river follows annual rainfall distributions between the wet and dry seasons. Hurricane Wilma struck the site in October of 2005 causing significant damage. The tower was offline until the following October in order to continue temporally consistent measurements. In post-hurricane conditions, ecosystem respiration rates and solar irradiance transfer increased. 2007- 2008 measurements indicate that these factors led to an decline in both annual -NEE and daily NEE from pre-hurricane conditions in 2004-2005.
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Publications relevant to understanding the site
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JG Barr, V Engel, TJ Smith III, JD Fuentes (2012). Hurricane disturbance and recovery of energy balance, CO2 fluxes and canopy structure in a mangrove forest of the Florida Everglades. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 153, 54-66. Alt_Citation

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