General Site Information
Site Name:Kansas Field Station
Tower Team: PI: Nathaniel Brunsell <> - Kansas University
DataManager: Bryan Conrad <> - University of Kansas
Elevation (m):310
IGBP:GRA (Grasslands)
Climate Koeppen:Cfa (Humid Subtropical: mild with no dry season, hot summer)
Mean Annual Temperature (degrees C):12
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm):1014
Data Products: AmeriFlux BASE Dataset
Data Availability: AmeriFlux BASE:   6 years (Duration: 2007 - 2012)
Data Downloads to Date: AmeriFlux BASE:   263 unique downloads
Data DOIs: AmeriFlux BASE DOI: 10.17190/AMF/1246132
Description:The study is an abandoned grassland at the Kansas Field Station and Ecological Reserves. The site is located within the tallgrass prairie-deciduous forest ecotonal area. The site was subjected to intensive agriculture from the 1940s through the late 1960s. In the mid-1970s, the site was planted with the cool-season grass Bromus inermis and used as a hay meadow until 1987. Then, mowing and burning approximately every five years maintained it as a grassland until 2007, when the eddy flux tower was installed.
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