General Site Information
Site ID:US-HVa
Site Name:Happy Valley
Tower Team: PI: Walt Oechel <> - San Diego State University
Elevation (m):298
IGBP:WET (Permanent Wetlands)
Climate Koeppen:Dfc (Subarctic: severe winter, no dry season, cool summer)
Mean Annual Temperature (degrees C):-10.29
Mean Annual Precipitation (mm):217
Data Products: AmeriFlux BASE Dataset
Data Availability: AmeriFlux BASE:   2 years (Duration: 1994 - 1995)
Data Downloads to Date: AmeriFlux BASE:   193 unique downloads
Data DOIs: AmeriFlux BASE DOI: 10.17190/AMF/1246064
Description:Arctic tundra:tossock tundra
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